Why is Adf.ly still better than the other URL shorteners?

Are you previously found a "better paying" URL shortener? Then you have to read this.

I'm using the Adf.ly for more than two years and I'm still satisfied with it. It just shows to visitors only 5 seconds of the advertisement without any malware or viruses. Adfly sometimes don't have a big CPM (around 0.90$), but I still prefer Adfly than the other URL shortener service. Are you asking why? So here is the answer.

I've tested 5 other URL shortener websites found on Google and they was in TOP 5 url shortener services and they promised to have a high CPM - up to $7.00 for USA. So I've got successfully around 10.000 clicks on my links, BUT before payment I've got an email that my account got suspended due invalid clicks or something like that. I don't know why the hell they talked about the invalid clicks because on that one link clicked only real people. The link was placed in one YouTube video description and the url destination were news website. I haven't used any bot or some PPC (paid per click) service, nor exchange sites. So I was a bit disappointed about this new "trusted" URL shortener.

The other URL shorteners which I've tested had also some complications. I had on my shortened link one analytics free service and it said that I've got exactly 13.850 clicks on my shortened links. After that I went to log in to my dashboard on that URL shortener and there was recorded only 1.480 clicks. So another scam.

Adf.ly had never disappointed me, they have monthly payments in the same hour as usual, friendly support team, nice working referrals and also the website tools are great. So my opinion is to stay in Adf.ly because it's really trustworthy, good paying and so... it's the best url shortener which pays money! If you're interested in Adf.ly and want to try it out, just click the button below, and for the best tips for starting an Adf.ly account click here :)

That was my opinion. And yours? Let me know in the comment section below 😉

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